Master 2 Pro IKSEM

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The University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne jointly with the Sorbonne Graduate Business School has been running for the last 14 years, a highly successful 2-year Masters programme that is now open to Foreign students.

French & Foreign students who have completed 240 credits in the European System, with a background in ICT are allowed to enter into the second year of this programme. During this second year, students shall specialize in Information and Knowledge Systems Engineering and Management.

Directrice du Master 2 IKSEM

[heading style=”6″]Enseignements[/heading]

Semestre 3

UE 1 

  • Organisation strategy & business processes

UE 2

  • Requirements Engineering

UE 3

  • Entreprise architecture & IS urbanisation
  • Service-oriented systems and interoperability

UE 4

  • Entreprise Knowledge Modeling
  • Entreprise knowledge management

UE 5

  • Decisional Systems

Semestre 4

UE 1

  • IKS gouvernance
  • IKS quality Assurance

UE 2

  • Systems & method engineering environments

UE 3

  • Developing communication skills

UE 4

  • Seminar
  • Master Thesis

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Master 2 SIC - Ecole de Management de la Sorbonne

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